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Welcome to Ground Control Skydiving

Revolutionary web based gear for your DZ

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Awesome DZ Management

  • Run more efficiently, keep customers happy
  • Accessible everywhere, secure in the cloud
  • Make more money, bring in new business

We went from pen & paper to a fully operating computerized manifest system, with online reservations, overnight! Give it a try; you wont be disappointed.

Justin Silvia, Chattanooga Skydiving Company


It’s a piece of cake to operate compared to other DZ software we have used, and the live manifest program is priceless, enabling me to check out my DZ operations while I’m on the road.

David Hughes, Skydive Santa Barbara


Ground Control has provided our centre with a very efficient and tailored manifest system, and the on going support is very prompt.

Peter Sizer, Skydive Headcorn


We are very happy at having made the move to Ground Control & now have a fully functioning effective integrated booking, manifest & accounting system.

Ian Rosenvinge, Peterlee Parachute Centre


We tried several manifest programs before deciding on Ground Control. It combines ease of use with a high level of customization; it's astounding and the personal level of support you receive is unmatched.

Aaron Steele, Skydive California

Ground Control is here to make running your DZ simple. Our aim is to grow the sport and improve safety. We do this by providing efficient software, so you can manage customers and operations whilst keeping your eyes on the sky.

During 2015 Ground Control helped our DZs to carry out
45,934 solo skydives and 28,231 tandem skydives!

Take bookings online

  • Full calendar based booking system
  • Integrates with any existing website
  • Online payments, terms & waivers
  • Printable vouchers or gift certificates
  • Automatic confirmation emails
  • Create or give access to agencies

Full accounting system

  • Track all payments, tandem deposits & balance, invoices & discounts
  • Sell merchandise or skydiving gear
  • Track staff jumps and pay out directly
  • Full reporting of all jumps, loads, bookings, payments; send to your accountant

Drag and drop manifesting

  • Fast manifesting for any number of planes
  • Checks jumper details, membership, expiry date and repack/AAD dates
  • Tracks weights, load planes efficiently
  • Quick load print-out and customer/instructor matching
  • Tandem check-in synced with Booking system: arrive, upgrade, pay and jump
  • All load stats recorded in detail, including cancelled loads or refusals

Features for your customers

  • Public screens for upcoming loads
  • Jump listing on phone, tablet and laptop for experienced jumpers
  • Personal jump history available for experienced jumpers
  • Rig repack and AAD service warnings for registered jumpers
  • Online registration for visiting jumpers
  • Manage groups for boogies, big ways or just every day load organising

Get on Ground Control today

How does it work?

  • Ground Control runs in your web browser
  • You set up an account for your DZ, with its own address - it will look like
  • Once your system is set up you have access using your email address and a password which we email to you.
  • You can create accounts for your staff so that they can administer the system, and create accounts for fun jumpers or let them make their own.
  • To take bookings through your website there's just one line of code that you or your webmaster need to insert into your website.

What does it cost?

  • Using Ground Control is free of charge! Email support is provided and we can arrange DZ visits.
  • To take payment for online bookings we have two preferred credit/debit card providers - integration with our preferred providers is also free and you can set this up at any time. Click here to find out more.
  • If you want to use your own card provider (e.g Worldpay,, PayPal etc) we can provide a quote based on a rough estimate of how many Tandem/AFF jumps you will do per year.
  • We also provide web design services at a reduced cost for Ground Control users. Our DZs can get free web hosting and email setup too!