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Taking online payments with Ground Control lets you take more bookings with less work - customers can choose a date and pay either a deposit or the full fee for their jump online. Give your cashflow a boost by encouraging payment in full, and automatically send customers a link to complete their information, payments and waiver before their visit to your DZ.


  • Works with your existing merchant account, or they can set one up for you
  • Provide preferential transaction rates for Ground Control customers - see if they can beat your current payment gateway fees!
  • Get Ground Control completely free, take bookings online - work less, skydive more!

Set up here: sign up for the USA, sign up for the UK.

We can also support payments for DZs based in many other countries. Please contact us to set this up; if your country is not supported check the information on Stripe just to the right.


Set up your account in minutes

  • No merchant account required, Stripe will pay direct to your bank account after 3 days (7 days for the first payment)
  • 2.4 - 3.3% card processing fee, depending on your country and sales volume.
  • Get Ground Control completely free, take bookings online - work less, skydive more!

To set up with Stripe check if your country is supported then just sign up at

Adding us to your website

Adding Ground Control skydiving to your website is easy. Once you've set up your system there's a single line of code that you can provide to your web developer to instantly generate a live booking form on a web page.

The code below is just an example, so it won't work until you have a system set up, but we want you to see how simple it is to get started!

Once you've set up your system and pasted this code on a page you're all set up - just choose your payment method above and take bookings online.

Other payment providers

If you don't want to use our partner payment providers we can still help integrate with many other companies. Depending on how popular your chosen provider is we may not have worked with them before, so you'll need to let us know once you've signed up for an account.

To integrate with a provider we'll provide a bespoke quote based on the provider you choose and how many jumps you'd expect to do in a year (if you do less, we'll refund the difference of course!)

There's never any obstacles to using Ground Control, because we're here to make skydiving better and your job easier, however you choose to operate!

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